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Welcome at our page for international students!
Seeing our website, it may seem like there are a lot of Dutch people in our tennis association. That’s true! But we love to welcome more international students to Studententennis Breda as we enjoy an international vibe! Having a mixt of different kinds of people is super fun to hang out with and play tennis against. And in case you want to know: you are not the first international student: we already do have some different kinds of nationalities! 🙂

Who we are
Studententennis Breda is the only tennis association for students in Breda. We train together, organize events and we visit other tennis-student-associations in the country. But most important: we are here for you to get to know new people and make new friends! Of course, everything at your own pace. You decide how much you want to get involved.

When do you fit?
If you like to be active, wether you already have played tennis before or not, you are completely welcome to come! You can always try out a first tennis training, or visit a tournament we organize. Do you want to know what you can try out now? Just contact us!

How much does it costs?
We have a system, where we use the facilities from a tennis club in Breda North for a reduced prize. The prize to become member of Studententennis Breda is €19,- and to use the facilities at the tennis club, we pay €80 extra for the whole year until you are 26th. After that the price rises a little.

Member younger than 26: €99,- all inclusive a year
Member older than 26: €159,- all inclusive a year

If you choose to have tennis training as well, there will be additional costs. We keep you posted for when you can sign up for training!